Dear person who took my photo at the Seattle Symphony on Nov 1st,

PLEASE SEND SAID PHOTO TO ME. I am pining for it! Lang Lang breezed into the grand halls of Benaroya at the strike of November & lo and behold, I got to say hello the literally the most famous pianist in the world. (No really, CNN says so and don’t you believe everything CNN says?) But you know how it goes. Faced with a world famous celebrity, I find myself sans digital camera & phone. So I desperately turned to the aid of a stranger with a camera and scribbled my e-mail address and gave it to two different people.

3 weeks tick by …

My inbox looks forlorn and dusty – electronic dust that is. *sigh* I do hope to receive the photo soon. This guy’s 27 and a classical powerhouse with charm and a dash of the unconventional. Here’s the CNN article basically proclaiming him the god of all things with black & white keys. Oprah, the Olympics, the Grammy Awards, the White House – he’s rocked each and every venue. In the classical world, most admired composers are long gone so it’s the deft artists who bring decades – centuries old sheet music to life. Well done Lang Lang, I couldn’t tell one opera singer from the next but your name rocks and you brought down the house (so to speak.)


The Google wave that is! Woke up this morning to a fresh new invite in my e-mail box. Flashback to nearly 5 years ago when I was one of the first of my friends to get Gmail and everyone scoffed at me and continued to wrestle with AOL (remember AOL? Because I try not to) and Compuserve. And Gmail had limited invitations too! Sneaky Google, making something restricted totally ups the demand – good job!! That’s web-economics for you. That being said, I have no idea how to send invites to my friends, they must not be activated yet. There’s 5 contacts in my wave box and that’s a pretty sweet start. Will I ever be disconnected from the web at this rate? I feel my skin getting paler by the second.

Totally snatched from an old Facebook note I posted. Can I plagiarize myself? I thought not. Here’s 5 and there’s a couple more I wrote on a day I must have been extremely bored. But I bet you have a short attention span and don’t want to read a big long list so here you go:

1.) Biting my nails to the quick have earned me dagger-filled glares from manicurists.

2.) My dad won a lawsuit on my behalf from when I was 6 that I vividly remember, its a good bedtime story if you’re ever that curious.

3.) As hard as I’ve tried, I can’t type all “aZn ^O^ oh-em-gee” and such nonsense. I will use periods and commas even on AIM with (mostly) proper spelling. That being said, I never use AIM or even Facebook chat. I can’t multi task that way but I’ll make exceptions for G-Chat

4.) One thing that will never appear on my resume is when I slung hot dogs and made coffee at a Lowe’s warehouse one summer. Those are memories best left forgotten. Along with the time I worked under the table at the age of 14 at the Pike Place Market but it was actually quite fun.

5.) I was invited to play the flute at Carnegie Hall when I was 10 – till my dad announced we were moving to Washington State 2 months beforehand. And now I work at a classical radio station to make up for it.

Hm … maybe my first post should have been this one. Ya know, so you can feel the warm and fuzzies that you know 5 random facts about me.

RainnWilsonJim is the obvious choice for the ladies, myself included. But don’t underestimate the power of Dwight Schrute. The man of beets, bears and anything else manly that starts with the letter “B.”

A week ago, I had the (slightly stalkerish) pleasure of meeting Rainn Wilson himself … for the second time. And yes, his hair does look a lot better in real life. The guy’s very spiritual in his Baha’i faith and passionate about his work with the Seattle based Mona Foundation. The only flair of Dwight that came out during his entire visit at the University of Washington was within the last 10 minutes and I suspect that was to entertain the hoards of “Office” nerds that came to see Schrute of Schrute Farms.

In any case, there are a million benefits to being on countless social media sites. Because @rainnwilson himself direct-messaged me on Twitter complimenting me on my super-fake eye wear. I see this as akin to getting a text-message from a celebrity, let me be star-struck for a second and then life goes on. Course I’m savvy enough to save a screen-shot as proof, whoot!


P.S. I realize my first post has a picture of myself which in itself is a stupid idea. But after Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have consumed my life, might as well go for it on WordPress too. This is not an open invitation for stalkers, #5 on my fears list.

P.P.S. For those with terrible resolutions or who need actual glasses, the tweet says “I like your glasses better! I look like a wise owl 😉 “