I love the 90’s sites are a dime a dozen. But who cares eh? It’s fun to reminisce! After reading a thread that someone started on Yelp! (they started it for me apparently – ridiculous!), let me share my wise observations of the years of yore. Born in late ’87 qualifies me for a solid 90’s child status.


  • Flowered leggings – atrocious but frackin’ comfortable!! Perfect for flipping on bars at the playground
  • Jelly shoes – they were the summer-time Uggs of the day. Every girl had to have a pair and if you didn’t, you were shunned (my elementary school was cruel).
  • Anything that the Fresh Prince wore


  • Skip-its! They started getting fancy and had ones with lights and those that counted how many times you skipped. When children actually exercised outdoors.
  • Tamaguchis and any electronic pets: so out of control that teachers had to ban them. But then how would my dinosaur be happy?
  • Marbles and Pogs – so many were lost on playgrounds
  • Polly Pockets when they were still POCKET-sized. Geez Mattel, get with the program.


  • Warheads made everything so much more gravy. No matter how much pain your mouth was in, you still had alollipop a day to make your doctor your best friend.
  • And heck yes, I collected Spice Girl stickers from those Fantasy Ball lollipops and slapped them in my sticker book, all 24 baby!

And last but not least, Sweet Valley High which probably made me the bookworm I am today. Don’t hate. I read more stimulating novels now, thank you. But SVH sparked it all.

I read every Sweet Valley series, not exaggerating. Every. Single. One. Sweet Valley Kids, The Unicorn Club, JuniorHigh, Senior Year, University, Elizabeth … and imagine my reaction when I find out the lovingly kooky Diablo Cody (the she-goddess of “Juno” geniusness) is making a SVH movie with a tentative 2012 release date. Move over, I’m first in line.