It’s a sad sad truth when you realize 9 out of 24 hours of your day will be spent in a cubicle or thankfully in my case, a 4-walled office. A swivel chair, desk, cabinets and even a bookcase were already in the room. But! It needed a dash of Faith, an essence of je ne sais pas and so forth. I’m still in the midst of decorating the office slowly but here’s some fun dilly-doolies that I kinda think are all kinds of awesome (aside from pics that is):

ZEN GARDENS: Hello, it’s like having your very own mini-beach on your desk! Frustrated with work woes? Just gently rake the sand into oblivion or very complicated, deep patterns that speak to your soul.

BASKETBALL HOOP: Recycling and honing your unofficial NBA hoop-throwing skills? Double score. Plus your co-workers will always want to swing by your office to have their turn. New BFFs anyone?

REED DIFFUSERS: Sleek & stylish plus it tickles your olfactories in a most pleasant fashion. But please make sure to do a sniffing test beforehand in the store or read reviews before purchasing online. The thought of filling your office with the overpowering waft of fake apple pie? Not so much. Current scent: bamboo sugar. Whatever that means.

PLANTS: One of the easiest things you can do is put a little leafy green action in your office space. Oxygenate! My co-worker from my previous job gave me a friendship plant and I absolutely cannot under any circumstances, let that plant die. No sir!

I also threw in a zebra-print chair cushion for good measure. Now if only I could hang up curtains, paint the walls, throw up a mini-chandelier … okay, maybe that’s going overboard.