So Glamour magazine has a section that I absolutely delight in reading called “Hey, it’s Ok!” It lists the little things people do that might sound a wee bit odd or against the norm but psh, it’s all about being yourself.

Thought I might share some of my own. Hey, it’s okay to …

  • Write off someone as a potential soul mate because they refuse to share food. If you can’t steal bites of each others dishes, the rest is just downhill.
  • Have a Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Blog, Yelp, Tumblr etc but still think your real life persona is so much cooler.
  • Believe in musicals, theatre, dance and classical music and completely dismiss opera. Squirming in your seat for 3+ hours to rustic German or Italian? No thank you!
  • Wear slippers to the grocery store, there’s a reason for those hard soles.
  • Coo and awe over cuddly babies when they’re bubbly and happy but once they start crying, be relieved to hand them back to their rightful guardian.
  • Only wear a hat when you forgot to take a shower that morning and then smile as your co workers compliment you on your blue slouchy knit beanie.
  • Think that if people working out nearby are able to read a magazine or a book, they’re not working out HARD ENOUGH.
  • Secretly believe working at a ice-cream shop might have been one of the best jobs ever and I’ve held over a dozen different titles. Clown cones, Ice-cream charades and working with your BFF – life doesn’t get any better.

What are some of your “Hey, it’s Ok!” nuggets o’ life? And yes, I do realize I use bullet points more than your average person.