Did the title draw you in? Mission accomplished. One of my good friends and I have birthdays merely a day apart and decided to go all out. Our party is a masquerade murder mystery set at the Academy Awards. Do you see the waves of epicness radiating from that description?

It’s beyond difficult to plan such an elaborate party. Participation is key and gosh darn it, our guests need to participate. At least 9 people are needed to pour their hearts and souls into fictional characters to set the scene. *dims lights*

Advice for those who want a murder mystery party in the future. Try host party for ideas. We actually had to purchase the game itself although all the materials were electronic. How times have changed. Scripts, black butcher paper and chalk, basic plastic masks for those unmotivated enough to buy their own. Me thinks the birthday gals are emptying our wallets but it’s all in the name of fun.

Party venues in Seattle are hard to come by unless you want your own residence to be the scene of the “crime.” Work those connections, we were able to score a banquet room downtown for no moolah whatsoever. I still wonder if event planning is my cuppa tea. I’m leaning towards “yes” since it gets the adrenaline rushing and the creative juices flowing. Who knows if it’s in my future.

The photo above was taken in Venice at the same time as the header image to this blog. I must have been standing with masks worth well over thousands of dollars. Every one was hand-stitched, painted and molded. Swarovski crystals, antique lace, and beyond. Eager tourists could also rent out their own costumes at extravagant prices from these shops to parade around the Ponte dei Sospiri (otherwise known as the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ – how romantic sounding but not so charming when you hear that it refers to prisoners who used to sigh at the breathtaking sight of Venice before taking literally, their last breaths.)

And that’s your history lesson for the day!